2019 Team

Team Info

The 2019 team finished with a record of 14-21, taking 7th place in the league in our inaugural season in the Kansas Collegiate League. 

Kansas Curve-3 McPherson Pipeliners-1

Kansas Curve-15 Kansas Curve 18U-2

Andale Warhawks-10 Kansas Curve-7

Park City Rangers-6 Kansas Curve-2

Kansas Curve-17 McPherson Pipeliners-15

Kansas Curve-12 Valley Center Mud Daubers-2

Dodge City A's-11 Kansas Curve-8

Dodge City A's-14 Kansas Curve-4

Dodge City A's-7 Kansas Curve-3

Dodge City A's-20 Kansas Curve-0

Park City Rangers-5 Kansas Curve-3

Kansas Cannons-7 Kansas Curve-2

Clearwater Outlaws-5 Kansas Curve-1

Clearwater Outlaws-9 Kansas Curve-2

Kansas Curve-11 Valley Center Mud Daubers-3

Kansas Curve-9 Valley Center Mud Daubers-1 

Kansas Curve-16 Park City Rangers-10

Wellington Heat-8 Kansas Curve-4

Wellington Heat-16 Kansas Curve-1

Kansas Curve-10 Park City Rangers-8

McPherson Pipeliners-7 Kansas Curve-5

Kansas Curve-5 Clearwater Outlaws-0

Kansas Curve-2 Clearwater Outlaws-1

Kansas Cannons-6 Kansas Curve-5

Kansas Curve-5 McPherson Pipelienrs-4

Valley Center Mud Daubers-3 Kansas Curve-1

McPherson Pipeliners-14 Kansas Curve-7

Kansas Curve-7 Valley Center Mud Daubers-5

Kansas Curve-5 Valley Center Mud Daubers-1

Kansas Cannons-11 Kansas Curve-2

Wellington Heat-8 Kansas Curve-4

Kansas Cannons-7 Kansas Curve-1

Kansas Cannons-7 Kansas Curve-2

Wellington Heat-2 Kansas Curve-1

Kansas Curve-1 McPherson Pipeliners-0